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The fear (and excitement) of the unknown

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Me? I'm a runner for most part, that's what folks would tell you who know me. Sure, I also do some other things resistance training, exercise classes, Tough Mudder and so on but running for the most part is what I am know for and that's the kind of races I do. Well, I've decided it's time for a change, something different. No more slogging for mile after mile across the countryside this year. This year it's 'Triathlon Time'!

So i've booked Iron Man of course. The thing is though, I've never done a triathlon; I'm a terrible swimmer and I haven't done much on a bike either (scared of the roads!)

I've got 6 months from today before Bolton, that's 26 weeks (182 days if you prefer) to train for something I can't do at the moment and am scared to death of. The eagle eyed people who know me and follow me on Strava may have noticed the odd pool session and bike ride on my feed but that's just been me dipping my toe in the water (figuratively) .

It's time to 'get serious' and get training. If I managed to go from Couch 2 5K to Ultramarathons I can go from a newbie to an Ironman can't I?

Let's see how the Journey unfolds...

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